The Fletcher & John Trio is a dynamic musical ensemble that embarks on a captivating journey through the lush landscapes of folk-Celtic fusion. With a repertoire brimming with original compositions, their music navigates through a spectrum of styles, from introspective singer-songwriter melodies to lively, foot-stomping Celtic and bluegrass rhythms. Nestled in the heart of northern New Mexico, their surroundings inspire an array of songs that beautifully reflect the land, its people, and the vibrant community. Versatile and spirited, they thrive in diverse settings, whether it’s enchanting parties, vibrant festivals, intimate home concerts, or the serene ambiance of art galleries and wineries—anywhere where their harmonies and melodies find a welcoming stage. The band is working on their 6th studio album.

Their Album “Stack the Stones” was nominated for 5 categories in the 2017 New Mexico Music Awards including Best Album of the Year

  1. Virginia The Fletcher & John Trio
  2. Stack The Stones The Fletcher & John Trio
  3. Cat in the Kitchen The Fletcher & John Trio
  4. The Other Side The Fletcher & John Trio
  5. Western Highway The Fletcher & John Trio
  6. My Bonnie The Fletcher & John Trio 3:43


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Since 1997, the musical journey of Glenda Fletcher and John Moulton has been a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Glenda, a seasoned singer-songwriter from North Carolina, found her musical counterpart in John, whose lifelong love affair with Appalachian fiddle music had gracefully transitioned into an exploration of Celtic melodies. Their musical union was organic, marked by a shared passion for storytelling through song.

Initially a duo, their collaboration evolved organically over the years. Enter Max Moulton, John’s son, whose rhythmic prowess and innate musicality added a new dimension to their sound. Max’s unique style of percussion with the bodhran and love for the mandolin expanded the duo to a trio.

The heart of their music lies in its ability to traverse a spectrum of emotions and styles. From intimate singer-songwriter compositions that tug at heartstrings to vibrant, foot-stomping Celtic and bluegrass numbers, the Fletcher & John Trio crafts a sonic landscape that resonates with diverse audiences.

Rooted in the landscapes of northern New Mexico, their original compositions pay homage to the land, weaving tales of community, friendships, and the spirit of their surroundings. Their performances are not confined to stages but extend to intimate home concerts, vibrant festivals, art galleries, and even the welcoming ambiance of wineries—anywhere where the love for music finds a home.

The Fletcher & John Trio invite you on a musical expedition, a fusion of folk-Celtic melodies steeped in tradition and infused with contemporary vigor. Join them as they traverse the roads of melody, weaving stories that transcend boundaries and stir the soul.


(310) 429-3747